Genevieve Owen

Business Support For Heritage And Museum Professionals

Wiltshire-based social media Virtual Assistant

Supporting you to grow your business by tackling your everyday admin & social media challenges.

Think of me as a virtual PA with a difference.

I’m a social media virtual assistant specialising in assisting independent heritage and museum professionals and art focussed businesses. I provide reliable business support leaving you to concentrate on your core business and growth.

If you feel like the everyday non-billable tasks take you away from focusing on your business goals, outsource them to me. I can help you to create time to prioritise strategy, achieve your goals and scale your business. When you have the time to focus on goals and strategy your mission will be clear to prospective clients and you'll secure major project opportunities.

l take care of social media management and administrative tasks including but not limited to blog writing, creating and editing documents, research, proofreading, data entry management and cataloguing.

I offer a range of packages to cater to your requirements and budget. Bespoke pricing is available on request.

Outsourcing for the first time can be a huge decision for a freelancer or business owner, but with my background in administrative support the experience will be stress free and thorough. 

To discover how you can get the practical admin support you need so you can be the CEO of your business send me an email. I offer a free 30 minute no obligation consultation on the phone or Zoom.

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