Case Study: Enhancing Brand Awareness and Follower Engagement on Facebook

Kim Pierpoint is a yoga teacher and midlife empowerment coach. She works with women over 40 to improve their health and wellbeing using a range of movement and breathwork techniques. Kim’s initial goal was to increase the visibility of her brand, particularly her online yoga membership leaving her time to focus on new projects and doing the work she loves with her 1:1 and group clients across Wiltshire and Berkshire. 

Kim’s own experience of using social media to promote her business left her feeling overwhelmed and time pressured. As we all do, sometimes Kim needed to take breaks from social media for holidays and retreats, but still wanted her brand to remain visible. So, she needed support to create and implement a realistic social media plan to utilise her Facebook pages and bring a breath of fresh air to her dormant Facebook group, Happy Souls Blossom. 

At our initial consultation, I learned about Kim’s objectives of increasing brand awareness and visibility, her target audience, what strategies she had tried to date. Then, I audited Kim’s current social media activity to identify areas of improvement. A consistent content strategy alongside Kim’s own engagement could achieve her goals by enhancing engagement within her Facebook group to foster a sense of community and position herself as authority in her field. I presented a proposal to Kim outlining the best solution for her needs: a bespoke monthly retainer package to plan, create and schedule content for her Facebook pages and group on her behalf. This included creating branded images using Canva, captions with strong CTAs and relevant hashtags, producing a monthly data report along with a monthly meeting, a quarterly content planning session/review and email contact throughout. We agreed to focus content on conversation starters, community building, educational content, strengthening Kim’s credibility and promotion using a wide variety of media such as text-based posts, images, and infographics.

In the first month of taking over Kim’s social platforms her Facebook post reach increased by 40% and page visits by 60%. In Kim’s group, post reach increased by 40% during the first month and engagement which was dormant grew to 55 active members.

Over several months, reach and engagement fluctuated in line with changes in trends, the season and the algorithm, however the general trend showed growth in page followers and group member as well as engagement.

Soon Kim was supplementing content by presenting regular Facebook Lives within her group and I began managing Kim’s LinkedIn account to share her knowledge and expertise with her professional network. Increasing the visibility of her face-to-face classes and launching her new website became a focus too.

There were several key factors involved with Kim’s social media marketing success:

  • The importance of understanding Kim’s target audience and tailoring content to their needs and challenges.
  • The value of consistent and engaging content creation to foster community engagement.
  • The significance of using data to inform decision-making and optimise social media strategy.
  • The need for ongoing adaptation and evolution of strategy in line with Kim’s goals.

Over a short period, I was able to help Kim increase her presence online and achieve her objectives with a consistent posting strategy. A well-executed social media strategy which was flexible rather than fixed was key in driving brand awareness, member engagement, and business growth.

My recommendations to Kim for future actions to further enhance her social media presence and continue her success in the long term were pro-active engagement with the members in her group by responding to comments in a timely way, establishing a plan for regular for Facebook Lives and routinely refining her strategies using the data from Meta Business Suite.

Visit Kim’s website to find out more about her services.

I’m Genevieve Owen, social media marketing manager. I help service-based businesses to grow their online presence through effective and strategic social media management. If you are ready to achieve your business goals and take your social media marketing to the next level, contact me for a 30-minute consultation to discover how I can support you.