In a survey, 100% of my clients said they would recommend my services.

What my clients say about working with me:

"I recently commissioned Genevieve to undertake a social media management audit of my LinkedIn profile. As a sole trader I find that keeping on top of my marketing and socials tends to fall down the to do list! Genevieve provided me with a clear, actionable report and followed up with a call to talk me through the various sections. I now have a set of achievable, bite-sized recommendations to take forward which I can build into my working week. I am someone who needs a bit of accountability so will be taking advantage of Genevieve's 'power hour' offer from time to time to keep me on the straight and narrow." Victoria Northwood, Freelance Museum Consultant

"Working with Genevieve has been brilliant. She really helped me work out my options for marketing 3 different parts of my business. She's a lovely person to work with and clearly has a lot of knowledge. She gave me some recommendations that I hadn't thought of so I'd highly recommend working with her." Kirsti Smith, IT Support & Coach

"When I approached Genevieve I had a clear idea and direction I wanted to follow without any skills or knowledge about using social media like LinkedIn. Genevieve devised a specific, level appropriate programme which enabled me to run independently within 6 months from scratch.

This is one of Genevieve's most valuable assets; she is able to identify the gaps of knowledge and teach/guide/support in a professional, organised and thorough way. I have learnt a great deal from Genevieve and highly recommend her if you are feeling daunted by the whole social media circuit." Carol Miller, Wellness Thru Energy

"Genevieve has proven that with a little patience it's possible to see positive results on social media platforms without spending a fortune on paid ads. As a Director who had no time to deal with social media but a great need for our social accounts to be maintained, Genevieve has offered a perfect solution. She’s swift to respond, thoughtful about her work and always pleasant to work with." Anya Sanchez, Kingstanding Regeneration Trust

"Genevieve provided me with a truly thorough, crucial review of my LinkedIn profile with clear, simple solutions on how to improve retention & show my quality of work through my page. Now to get started on implementing all the improvements! Thank you, Genevieve." Kate Howat, Web designer

"After working with Genevieve for several months, she has helped me gain lots of confidence, so that I feel comfortable working independently in my marketing role. She has been a great mentor, supportive and patient. I would recommend her to anyone looking to progress with social media and achieving their marketing goals." Grace Wiltshire, Event & Marketing, Wiltshire Wealth Management Ltd.

“Genevieve gave me invaluable help in de-mystifying our business Facebook page. With her help, we have managed to up our engagement figures.” Jenny Bills, Chivers Stove Centre Ltd

"I have worked alongside Genevieve for a while now; she is the most organised and diligent person I have encountered. She is funny and professional, which is a fine balance. She has a clear communication style and, most importantly, can deliver on creativity and deadlines. Thank you." Kim Pierpoint, Yoga Teacher & Midlife Empowerment Coach

"Genevieve worked on my website by writing a regular blog and then disseminating it through my social media accounts. She is professional, hard-working and highly literate. She researches her work very well and then presents it perfectly for the target audience. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs support with running their business as a virtual assistant." Robin Lane, Payment Sense/Dojo

"Genevieve is methodical, efficient and will turn her hand to most tasks. She learned our systems quickly and became a valuable team member." David Harrison, Jubilee Auction Rooms

"Genevieve is perceptive, able to recognise clear objectives and work using her own initiative." Jasper Morley, Artist


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